About us

After around a decade of experience of manufacturing condoms in the domestic market, our company started back in 2007 with producing personal care products. Our first successful experience was developing the most qualified Alcohol free hand sanitizer in the UK since 2010 and based on this success, we opened our way into developing unique and qualified-yet affordable- Skin Care range from 2014.

In our partnership with our Swiss-based production facility, we are fully dedicated to your beauty & well-being since creation. AUVA Skin care is composed of a unique and comprehensive range of skin care products for different age groups and still more products are under development on a continuous basis(currently sold in UK, Europe and Scandinavia).

With this in mind, our R&D team are committed to continually focus their research on nature’s finest ingredients to find the most innovative active ingredients, to create products that truly reflect the values of our brand.AUVA’s highly qualified active ingredients are then developed through scientific studies using very specific dosage levels, thus demonstrating their real effectiveness. Our rang complies with European Cosmetic Regulations (GMP) and being produced in a fully certified facility in order to guarantee the safety assessment of all cosmetic products.

AUVA’s ethos is to provide focus on one’s self, the brand is about self-preservation by giving the clients a way to transform their skin and their lives.AUVA aims to offer high quality products at affordable prices, focusing on the health conscious individuals providing an aid to the people who live bold, healthy lives filled with joy and freedom.

Our confidence building range consists of:

Creams that locks in moisture and boosts cell production, Cleansing Milk which cleans and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. A Serum that helps to keep your skin looking youthful for longer and a mild Face Wash that removes all traces of makeup, oil and dirt whilst leaving your skin soft and supple.

AUVA aims to transform the individual through providing pure beauty and confidence for less. The mission of AUVA is to make our valuable clients to feel beautiful and self-confident. Our products are being developed to give you a real daily pleasure. As such, the luxuriousness of textures, creative design of bottles and freshness of ingredients become additional tools in the endless power of AUVA.

* Our products are Paraben and allergen free, making them suitable for all skin types. They offer solutions without side effects to guarantee overall daily well-being.

AUVA Commitments

  • Our products are suitable for all skin types & based on natural active ingredients.
  • Most of our products are Paraben & allergen free
  • Active ingredients selectively chosen through scientific/efficacy studies.
  • Our ranges comply with European Cosmetic Regulations,
  • Our manufacturing processes meet the highest manufacturing standards according to the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GMP and Certificate of Free Sales are available for export purposes (for our new business associates/distributors)