3 BeSafe® ArouseMe Condoms

Besafe Condoms

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3 BeSafe® ArouseMe Condoms

Product Expiry date: 03/2023

3 BeSafe® ArouseMe Condoms ribbed and dotted with extra lube for enhanced sensitivity and your pleasure. 

  • ArouseMe condoms are specially designed to provide maximum pleasure for both partners with color and flavor (Crank up the fun with intense colors and flavor scents)
  • Indeed, the 3 in 1 condoms are dotted, ribbed and lubricated simultaneously.
  • The location of these studs and ribs has been carefully chosen to insure intense heightened sensation and lubricated plenty for your comfort.
  • Enjoy sex without the nasty latex smell.
  • Transparent, extra lubricated and teat ended

All of our condoms unlike other brands are coloured, scented and contain 600mg of lubricant - 300mg more than other condoms. A great selection to insure intense pleasure.


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