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Rich in water-attracting polysaccharides,this '24H HYDRATOR CREAM' provides immediate skin hydration and instantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and supports the feeling of suppleness, firmness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is another major component which is needed to creat protective film on the surface of skin to retain water, produce new cells and along with the elastic collagen help to keep the skin firm and smooth. Also Panthenol (vitamin B5), this natural humectant, helps provide a soft and smooth appearance, acting as a Moisturising and restructuring agent. 


Marine Polysaccharid:

  • Provides immediate hydration to the skin. Raises basal moisture by 36,8% and 30,8% after 2 and 8 H respectively (in vivo)
  • Possesses a higher and faster moisture retaining capacity than HA, holding 12,7% more water (in vitro)
  • Protects human keratinocytes from cold stress, increasing their viability up to 60,1%. It’s protecting effect is higher than HA;
  • Offers a long – lasting moisturizing effect with an average 37,2% increase after 20 days (in vivo)
  • Instantly improves wrinkle appearance in vivo. The skin roughness was reduced by -11,1% after 2 h (in vivo)

Hyaluronic acid: is the major component of extracellular matrix, produced by the cellular membranes; it is needed for the body to produce new cells and this process should of new skin cells is an ongoing process.

Thanks to the protective film, that it creates on the surface of skin, the moisture is retained, and does not
evaporate out.

Panthenol (Provitamin B5): natural humectant, providing a soft and smooth appearance to the skin, acting as moisturizing and restructuring agent.

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